MeatEater: Pan Roasted Wild Boar and Fruit

by Denielle B

So my husband got a wild hog during our honeymoon in Florida.

I know nothing about cooking wild game, so I had to turn to experts to see what might be good. For this particular recipe, MeatEater called for back strap, so that’s what we used. If you like pork and stone fruits and tomatoes, you definitely try their recipe for Pan Roasted Wild Boar and Fruit!

If you’re curious to try their recipe for yourself, follow the link below!

Totally wanna try it!

Maybe later, take me back home for now.

These are recipes I’ve tried from other folks that I’ve liked. It’s not only a way for me to support other food bloggers, but also another way to showcase my food photography. I don’t own the recipes in this section, but I do own the photos.
What are recipe shoutouts?


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