Bon Appétit: The Silkiest Carbonara

by Denielle B

I am intimidated by carbonara. I have anxiety around accidentally scrambling my eggs, so I’ve never attempted it–until now. Bon Appétit has a few carbonara recipes on their site, but this particular one emulsifies the sauce in a large bowl and not on the stove, so it reduces the chances of scrambling your eggs. This is surprisingly so easy to make!

I used pancetta instead of guanciale, but only because I did not have any on hand. I also added some peas and cooked pieces of chicken because I wanted it to be slightly more substantial. The emulsified sauce itself was super silky and rich and incredibly delicious! If you’re curious to try their recipe for yourself, follow the link below!

What are recipe shoutouts?

These are recipes I’ve tried from other folks that I’ve liked. It’s not only a way for me to support other food bloggers, but also another way to showcase my food photography. I don’t own the recipes in this section, but I do own the photos.


    • Bottom backdrop: Replica Surfaces — Sheet Pan
    • Props: bowl of pasta with tongs, parmesan cheese, eggs

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