Gobble: Roasted Garlic Crusted Sirloin Steak

by Denielle B

Seared sirloin steak, crusted with a roasted garlic pesto served with red wine sauce, Brussels sprouts, and creamy mashed potatoes from Gobble. Gobble is a meal delivery service.

Consistent with the previous recipes from Gobble so far, this meal was just as convenient to make as the other! In this case, the potatoes were already mashed AND I only needed one oven-safe pan for everything. If you’re new here, start with my Hello Fresh review series before reading the rest of this post!

This recipe was pretty good! So while the roasted garlic pesto is really delicious with the steak, I kinda expected it to be a crunchy texture for some reason. When someone say “crusted,” I expected some textural element, but that’s more of my assumption, so it definitely wasn’t a dealbreaker. The red wine demi-glace was also a great touch and added a great deal of flavor to the whole dish.

The best part about this recipe: it took 15 minutes!

This is not a sponsored post. If you are interested in trying Gobble, you can use my referral link here to get 2 meals for two for $18. When you receive your first delivery I will receive $20 in credits.

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