Marley Spoon: Seared Steak and Green Beans

by Denielle B

Seared steak and green beans served with Pommes Anna and Dijon mustard vinaigrette.

I’ve never really heard of Marley Spoon, but apparently it’s affiliated with Martha Stewart. Since I started my blog, I’ve been receiving a lot of ads to try out different meal delivery kits for a discount, and this one came up so I thought I’d give it a shot. If you’re new here, start with my Hello Fresh review series before reading this post!

I think overall, the dish is simple. The steak was good, albeit a bit on the small side (5.5 oz). The Pommes Anna was also tasty, and a good complement to the green beans. However, I don’t like vinaigrettes or most condiments, so I opted out of that for my plate. Andrew, on the other hand, was more than happy to have all the vinaigrette to himself. He said it was delicious when paired with the steak, so I’ll take his word for it.


Pommes Anna is a classic French side dish of thinly sliced potatoes, layered and baked until the top is golden brown. It’s a great combination of a crispy top and buttery, tender center.

The one thing I found different with Marley Spoon though is that they expect you to have white wine vinegar (or red wine vinegar), I don’t think is typical of other meal delivery services. I’ve known enough households who do not have vinegar on hand, so if you try this company, you just have to be very cognizant of the additional ingredients it requires you to have.

This is not a sponsored post. If you are interested in trying Marley Spoon, you can use my referral link here to get a free Marley Spoon box plus up to 25% off three boxes after that.

steak with potatoes and green beans

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