Marley Spoon: 20-Minute Sausage Cacciatore with Gnocchi

by Denielle B

Italian sausage braised in tomatoes and bell peppers with soft, pillowy gnocchi.

They weren’t kidding when they said this would take 20 minutes to make. Making ragù usually means you’re simmering everything in longer periods of time, but this surprisingly came together easily and ended up being really flavorful.


Cacciatore means “hunter” in Italian, so to cook something “alla Cacciatore” is to cook something “hunter-style.” This just means cooking it in tomatoes, onions, herbs, and often, bell peppers.

sausage gnocchi

Even though I chose the 2-serving plan with Marley Spoon, this particular dish was actually able to feed three people. There was plenty of gnocchi to go around, but I would probably have prepared to also have just a bit more Italian sausage. I guess when they talk about 2-serving meals, they only refer to the protein size. I find that there’s usually enough sides for another person.

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