Archery Date Day @ Bowhunters Unlimited, Saratoga, CA

by Denielle B

It has been a while since I’ve done archery, so when the hubby suggested it as a date day idea, I was thrilled! We planned our day around doing archery later in the day so it wasn’t too hot, but also so we can do other things earlier in the day. And a usual date for us isn’t complete without either coffee or boba, so we definitely had to work that in.

We love starting our day with coffee. I usually make my own either using my Breville Barista Express, or Andrew brews me coffee in his coffee maker. Because of this, we haven’t had the opportunity to do our coffee adventuring in a while. Since we had planned for a date day and we’d already be out and about, we figured this was a great time to go to get some Philz Coffee. Aww man, how I’ve MISSED Philz Coffee! We went with our usual of Mocha Tesora, sweet and creamy, with a dash of cinnamon in the filter. Hubby went with a hot version, and I went with an iced one. We paired the coffee with some delicious breakfast sammiches from Dunkin’.

Philz coffee

Now let’s talk about archery! Bowhunters Unlimited is one of our go-to archery ranges in the Bay Area. If you have your own gear, it’s free to use the space–both the target practice areas and the beautiful field course. The field course consists of a nice trail with targets placed in the canyons and hills, so you get a bit of a light hike in addition to target practice 🙂 The trail is absolutely gorgeous and relaxing, and we were lucky enough to not have anyone else doing the field course. We were initially worried because there were a ton of people in the practice area even at 4pm, but I guess they all just wanted to stay there, which was good for us.

I was very excited to use my bow (named “Artemis”) again. If you or your kids want to get started on archery, my little Artie (Southwest Archery Spyder takedown recurve bow) is a great starter bow! Besides seeing if I can still shoot my bow, I wanted to try the new finger glove that Andrew gifted me. I was using one of his finger tabs for a while, but he figured something else will fit me better, and it was right! The finger glove was so much more comfortable and fits me really well. Andrew, on the other hand, opted to use his compound bow to test out some of the arrows he fletched himself.

After a great archery session, we had to finish the day with boba because why not? WE. LOVE. BOBA. There happens to be a good boba place called Milk Tea Lab in Campbell that not only closes late, but they also have a ramen vending machine from Yo-Kai Express. We tried it once and the ramen was actually pretty good for something that was prepared in 45 seconds by a machine! Every time we’re in the area, we end up going here for a quick dinner and boba. The vending machine also has things like pho, teriyaki bowl, etc., so plenty of options for ya unless it says sold out.

Overall, it was a very good and relaxing date day. I’m very fortunate to have a husband who always makes sure that I take the time to do something fun and not just worry about work. It was especially a much-needed adventuring in nature before the start of a crazy work week. Until the next adventure!

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