HelloFresh: Miso Apricot Salmon

by Denielle B

Miso apricot salmon served with garlic ginger rice and zesty carrots.

Another HelloFresh meal for review! Oh my goodness, this salmon recipe was really good! I’ve never thought of pairing miso with apricot and lime, but they worked so well together especially with the ginger rice. I did cook the rice my preferred way though, which is to use chicken broth instead of water–this is the only deviation I made from the recipe. Especially if you have a rice cooker, the whole meal doesn’t take much time which is always a win for me!

My only complaint is that the miso apricot salmon portions were small, and the small portion is consistent across all recipes we’ve tried so far. For me, the portions are sufficient and just exact, BUT I also don’t eat a lot, so I feel like the portions would be too small for most people. My husband is 6’6″ tall and even though he’s not one to complain about food, the portions could definitely be bigger for him.

This is not a sponsored post. Let’s be honest; I’m too much of a rookie for that, haha. However, if you are interested in trying HelloFresh, you can use my referral link here to get $100 off (spread out in a few deliveries), and I get a $10 credit.

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