HelloFresh: Seared Steak with Demi Reduction

by Denielle B

This seared steak with demi reduction is served with garlic mashed potatoes and honey-roasted carrots.

I tried HelloFresh again after years of not using it. I stopped using meal delivery services because I only really had to feed myself, and I don’t eat that much. However, since getting married, I was looking into different options where I don’t have to think too hard on what to make, or spending unnecessary money on eating out or getting DoorDash delivered.

This is not a sponsored post. Let’s be honest; I’m too much of a rookie for that, haha. However, if you are interested in trying HelloFresh, you can use my referral link here to get $100 off (spread out in a few deliveries), and I get a $10 credit.

This recipe was really good! Simple, straight to the point, but definitely nothing pedestrian about the taste. The seared steak had really good flavor. In addition, that demi-glace was absolutely delicious, and this is where a service like HelloFresh comes in handy. Can I make a demi-glace from scratch? Probably. But it takes time! Having the demi-glace and other ingredients already provided and already portioned out for me is a real timesaver. And since I got a discount for restarting my HelloFresh subscription, the per-meal price is really worth it.

seared steak with carrots and potatoes

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